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See Homepage. This page: Original dealer leaflets for Vauxhall's Viva HC 1970/1971.

Vauxhall Viva HC.

Approved Accessories.

The HC range of Vauxhall Vivas made their debut in 1970. This page features a couple of original publications relating to this model, dating to the early months of HC production. The first was issued on behalf of the Parts and Accessories Department, of Vauxhall Motors Ltd in Dunstable, Bedfordshire, and judging by the date code on its reverse was made available in July 1970.
Viva accessories leaflet
The list of approved accessories for the 1971 model year is extensive. They range from radio aerials to wheel embellishers, anti-dazzle mirrors to dashing (for the 1970s) vinyl roof kits - available for two- and four-door cars only, not the roomy estate version. Items not often seen on cars of the era include tyre pressure gauge caps, which apparently gave a visible indication of that tyre's pressure without having to dig out a pressure gauge (which was also offered). Radios were a popular fitment to cars by this time, and three LW and MW (Long Wave and Medium Sets) were available to order via your local Vauxhall dealer. A rear-mounted speaker could also be specified, for the full surround-sound experience.
The rear of the tri-fold leaflet lists various sundries that anyone with a car would have found useful, including polishes, de-icer, and Rocket WD-40.
List of Vauxhall accessories

New Firenza prices, May 1971.

The second leaflet focuses specifically on the higher-performance New Firenza two-door coupe, the flat-fronted variant that pre-dates the distinctive "droop snoot" HP Firenza that came along two years later. A period photo of just such a car can be found on this page within the site's image archive. The Firenza was launched early in 1971, at around the time of this leaflet - 26th May 1971. Three types were available from the outset, the Firenza De Luxe, the Firenza SL, and the Firenza 2000SL. Whoever owned this leaflet originally has marked four options that were of interest to them, namely radial (as opposed to crossply) tyres, an exterior mirror, plus mud flaps fitted to the front and the rear. A 1600 OHC engine is listed as an option for the two cheaper models, while any could be specified with an automatic gearbox.
Vauxhall Firenza price list
Other options for the aspiring Firenza owner to mull over also included a cigarette lighter, tow bar, a bonnet lock kit, and rear seat belts.
Cost of a Vauxhall Viva Firenza in 1971

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