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Homepage. This page: Help is at hand for the owner of an expired V8 Ford in 1940s' Hull.

Repairs to a Ford V8 at Royal Garage, Hull.

Old items of paperwork relating to garages in years gone by continue to show up. Here is an invoice issued by Royal Garage, of 255-257 Beverley Road in Hull, for work done to a V8 Ford in July and August of 1948. The Ford's owner, a Mr H.H. Goodman, was, it seems, an estate agent at "The Park", and his Ford had let him down. The invoice describes the work done to the car - this included towing it to the garage from "Spring Bank", a local street just around the corner from the garage. There followed diagnosis of the problem, and as a result, dismantling one bank of its V8 engine before replacing a stud, re-fitting the cylinder head, and giving it a fresh drink of Castrol XL engine oil. The total bill came to two pounds and twelve shillings.
I'm taken with the illustration of the garage on the invoice. It shows a garage adjoining a house, in front of which is an assortment of petrol pumps. The proprietors are W.J. and H.W. Balding.
Ford V8 repairs at Royal Garage
I had a faint hope that the buildings might still exist in some form or other on Beverley Road, the A1079, but alas a look at Streetview confirms that this fine old garage has been demolished, to be replaced by a Tesco Express. Very sad. No signs of the garage remain at all, visibly at least, although I wouldn't be surprised if the large underground fuel tanks remain, filled in and sealed off.
The V8 Ford was towed to the garage on July 20th 1948, but what model of V8 was it? There's an outside chance that it was a Ford V8 Pilot, although with that model only going on sale in August of the previous year, perhaps a calamitous breakdown within its first year is unlikely. There's a much greater chance of it being a late-1930s V8, of the type featured here.
More items of paperwork, such as booklets, leaflets and similar motor-related ephemera, can be found in the Motoring Collectables section.

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