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See Homepage. This page: An interesting leaflet advertising the UK-market 2CV (AZ Type) motorcar, dating to the mid-1950s.

1950s' 2CV Advertising leaflet.

Citroen bonnet mascot
This small 2 page leaflet advertises the mid-1950s version of Citroen's 2CV . A date code suggests that it was printed in January 1956, some eight years or so after the 2CV was first put on sale by it's French maker. At this time 2CVs were assembled at a plant in Slough, an arrangement that would cease in 1960, with the remaining parts being used in the production of the fibreglass-bodied Bijou. Sales of standard 2CVs in Great Britain were not great, hampered by import duties that were in place during the 1950s. The cover shows a RHD 2CV, registered RKX 450 - a Buckinghamshire series first used in January 1953. Note the car's semaphore indicators, mounted externally on the scuttle, and also the bonnet mascot, neither of which I've seen on a 2CV before.
A classic Citroen 2CV
As with all 2CVs, the 1956-year cars were powered by an air-cooled flat twin, at that time featuring a displacement of 425cc, enough to produce just 12bhp. Despite a meagre-sounding output, the Citroen had lightness on its side, and 12bhp was enough to offer a comfortable "38 to 40 miles per hour average speed on easy roads, with four people and a hundredweight of luggage". Perhaps Sir wished to tour the Continent? then we're assured that a 2CV would take it all in its stride - "Uphill, the 2 CV climbs on steadily .. It can negotiate all European mountain passes, without overheating".
Hydraulic brakes were a feature of these front-wheel-drive cars, as was synchromesh on all gears, something that wouldn't be the case with comparable British cars for quite some time. There was also an auxiliary centrifugal clutch arrangement, designed to take the stress out of stop-start town driving.
The 2CV's tall body design offered a reasonable spacious interior for four adults, and a comfortable ride thanks to the car's renowned soft suspension, and large diameter wheels. The basic seats could easily be unclipped, handy if you fancied an impromptu picnic at the side of the road.
A Citroen 2CV Type AZ sales leaflet
The Tin Snail appears in several places on this site - for instance, here is a 2CV-owner's tale of breaking down in his little Citroen, and this page features a photo of a late 50s' 2CV seen in Spain, with a donkey for company. Numerous free ads for Citroen 2CV parts can be found on this page of the classifieds section.
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