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Ariel Motorcycles.

With the supply of new motor cars strictly limited to British buyers in the late 1940s, many would perhaps instead look for a new motorcycle to be their chosen mode of transport, and Ariel was one of the big names in the British motorcycle industry. Then, as now, machines such as the 4G 1000cc Square Four, and the KH 500cc Red Hunter Twins for instance, were very desirable amongst two-wheeling enthusiasts. But they came at a price, as this original leaflet from the late 1940s illustrates, with the UK Government also keen to receive their slice of the financial action, via the mechanism of Purchase Tax. P.T. was added to the basic retail price similar to VAT today, albeit at a much much higher percentage rate.
1948/1949 price list

Prices for 1948-1949.

This leaflet describes the prices for 1st September 1948 onwards, ie for the 1949 season. In addition to the prices for a new Square Four and Red Hunter Twin, the Retail Prices are also given for the KG 500cc De Luxe Twin, the VH 500cc Red Hunter, the NH 350cc Red Hunter, the VG 500cc OHV De Luxe, the NG 350cc OHV De Luxe, and the 600cc side-valve VB series. If you wanted a spring frame, or the ultimate luxury - a speedometer - they would incur extra cost.
1948/1949 prices
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