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Imperial "DRIVER" car seat cover.

Tired of irritating "suit shine"? If so, then perhaps the Imperial "Continental Style" DRIVER seat cover was just the ticket "for the man who goes places" in his car.
"These driver's seat covers are specially made for the man who really uses his car - and for every car where the driver's seat gets the most use. Fitting is simplicity itself. Simply slip on over your seat. Driver seat covers are attractively tailored in Cotton Bedford cord or Check rayon and fit a wide range of cars."
Imperial seat cover leaflet
"There's a DRIVER seat cover to fit your car. Please state make, model and year. A matching passenger seat cover can be supplied to order. DRIVER seat covers are available from all leading garages and accessory shops."
Presumably in selling the covers singly, with no mention of a matching cover being available for a rear seat, these were targeted at travelling salesmen, tramping up and down the country in their Cortinas, Oxfords, Victors and 1100s. No doubt there was a market for such covers too, especially in the summer months. Most family-sized cars of the 1960s came with vinyl-covered seats, and in hot weather they could become uncomfortably hot and sticky to sit on, so the benefits of sitting instead on these cool covers (available in various colours) wouldn't need much explanation.
The covers were sold under the Imperial brand name, produced by Broadfields Garage and Engineering Co. Ltd., of Alexandra Road, Enfield, Middlesex. The company was no stranger to producing seat covers, I found reference online to their range of Perfit covers in the 1950s, and also their car polishes, radiator blinds, wing protectors, and pivoting fog lamp brackets no less.
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