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See Homepage. This page: A flyer from 1967 advertising Arden's range of car parts.

Arden Continental Car Accessories.

(Subsidiary of J. Hipwell & Son Ltd).

Birmingham-based Arden Continental Car Accessory Company Limited issued this flyer in 1967. It describes their mouth-watering range of "Continental" car accessories, all designed to offer distinctive upgrades for the hands-on motorist that wished to improve their car - or simply make it stand out from the majority. Arden Continental is described as being a subsidiary of J. Hipwell & Son Ltd., a company that also features on OCC.
The parts are predominantly non-performance-oriented, ie aren't designed with increased performance in mind, rather they aim to improve the driving experience of otherwise-standard cars, in much the same way that car accessories from the likes of Lucas might do. Many cars in the 1960s featured fairly lowly levels of standard equipment, so there was plenty of opportunity for a company such as Hipwell/Arden to market a wide range of tempting add-ons to motorists hoping to improve their hours spent behind the wheel.
Arden accessories leaflet
Their range of accessories for the 1967 season included the following goodies:
  • Spring-back, racing, caravan and a variety of "Speed" bullet mirrors
  • Headlamp & spotlamp guards
  • Rev-counter housing
  • "Wire wheel" wheel discs & rim trims
  • Fake wheel spinners
  • 13" - 15" steering wheels
  • Gearlever knobs & extensions
  • Steering column drop-brackets for Minis & 1100s
  • Rally car seat covers
  • Mini seat adjusters
  • Mini grill buttons
  • "Booster" exhaust trims
  • Wheel spacers
  • SU & Solex carburettor dashpot covers, air filters & ram pipes
Happily the company is still very much in business, and continues to make all manner of classic car accessories.
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