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See Homepage. This page: An interesting pair of cards that came with a box of chocolate in Germany.

Two Trumpf chocolate cards from Germany.

Two Trumpf cards

Ray dropped me a line, having seen various motor-related collectables elsewhere on this site. I was well familiar with the hobby of collecting old cigarette cards (they get a mention here), but until now I'd not come across these collectors' cards before. They were issued in Germany during the 1930s, and depict armoured vehicles in use with the German forces. A series of cards was published (presumably by Trumpf), one per box of chocolates, for children to collect, in a similar way to bubble gum cards of more recent times.

The first card, shown above, depicts a vehicle registered RW3855 which apparently is a "Reichswehr manoverbilaer II", whereas the ugly duckling shown on the second card is a "Reichswehr manoverbilaer I". On the rear of one card it advises that tanks are forbidden in Germany, which is presumably why they have these armoured cars! The image above also shows a small view of the back of one card, featuring the Trumpf logo. Thanks to Ray for scanning and sending these over - I wonder what other series of cards were produced by this company?

Update. Les got in touch, as he knows a thing or two about military vehicles, and has managed to identify them for me: ".. the armoured car is a Daimler DZVR 4x4 issued in the early 1920s, and still in use mid 1930s. The anti aircraft gun i am sure is also a Daimler model 92/170ps mounting a 6.5 cm gun." - thanks Les!

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