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See Homepage. This page: 6 payable to a Mr Harold Barker of Sandygate Garage for eight days car hire in 1938.

Pre-war garage invoice.

Mr H. Barker, of Sandygate Garage, Sandygate Road in Sheffield charged a grand total of 6 0s 0d for the hire of a pre-war saloon car from August 13th to 21st, 1938. Sadly the make and model of car isn't given. In addition to hiring out self-drive cars, he could also supply wedding cars, and fix up your motor-car if it had suffered a malfunction of some kind. Flat wireless battery sir? no problem, Mr Barker offered accumulator charging. All car repairs were fully guaranteed, and he was a member of the Motor Agents Association (as were many of the old garages in the 1930s, invoices and receipts from a number of similar such emporiums can be found in this collectables section of the site).
Sandygate Garage in Sheffield
Whatever happened to Sandygate Garage? It didn't appear in the RAC handbook for 1928/29, nor in the 1949/1950 handbook, so either wasn't in business at those times, or else wasn't RAC-approved. There seem to be no current or past references to a company of this name online, in that location. There is a company called Sandygate Motor Services Limited operating out of 286 Sandygate Road, so perhaps they are using H. Barker's old premises? Or perhaps the location of his pre-war garage at any rate. Does anyone remember this garage?
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