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Homepage. This page: Three old pieces of ephemera recall a garage business operating in Ireland.

Bradley's Whitehouse Motor Service.

All three of the small paper receipts shown on this page were issued to a Mr A. Walker, of whom nothing is known, other than that he was a regular visitor to Bradley's Whitehouse Motor Service situated in Ballybofey, County Donegal, Ireland. At the time of the earliest receipt, July 1951, the garage was an agent for Austin, Morris, Fiat and Ford cars, and could supply spare parts also, in this case a 4.50 x 17 inch tyre. The car it was for isn't specified, nor is the tyre's manufacturer.
December 1953 would see Mr Walker back at the garage to make a paymount on account of four pounds. The stamp on the receipt gives the owner of the business as an M. Bradley. By 1953, Bradley's Whitehouse Motor Service was also an agent for "Vanguard" cars. Why they didn't refer to Standard cars, rather than the specific Vanguard model, I'm not sure, especially as the "Standard-Triumph" logo is now shown. Could it be that they had a license to sell only Vanguards, from Standard's full range of cars? It seems unlikely that they could opt out of selling, say, the compact Standard 8 saloon, or related light commercials.
Standard Vanguard dealer in Ireland
Two years later the paperwork would receive another mild re-design. Gone was the Standard-Triumph logo, replaced instead by an illustration of a Phase 1 Standard Vanguard, complete with "VAN 48" registration, 1948 being the year of the Vanguard's launch. On this occasion, in March 1955, Mr Walker would have a front road spring on his car replaced.
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