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See Homepage. This page: Some old petrol company related paperwork.

Petrol company receipts.

The first receipt is for Shell fuel purchased at Annings Marsh Road Garage in Ashford, Kent, back in 1975, for what looks like 6 gallons of 3 Star fuel.

Shell Multi-Grade oils get a plug too. Note the VAT rate of 25%.
Shell fuel from Annings garage
Here is the receipt for Austins Garage, of Skinner Road in Lydd that Les refers to. This time he was topping up with 4 gallons of Texaco Super. Other fuels available include Supreme, Super Economy, Regular, & Derv. Havoline Oil was also stocked. Texaco fuel
Next up we have a receipt issued for a splash of 3 Star fuel (good old leaded fuel back then of course, non of this 'green' unleaded stuff) costing all of 2.50. The garage was Romney Marsh Garages Ltd of Brenzett, Romney Marsh, in Kent. Garage in Romney Marsh in Kent
From May 1975 is the next of these receipts, this one issued by Leas Filling Station, a Shell garage on the Faversham Road, Kennington. 3.00 of Shell Economy grade was purchased this time. Other choices included Shell Economy, ShellMex, and Diesoline. Shell Filling station
Earlier in May and Les bought 4 gallons of 4 Star at Coles Garage (Willesborough) which was situated on the Hythe Road, in Ashford. How things change eh - 4 gallons costing 2.94 all in. Ok that was years ago, but 4 gallons would be nearer 18 in the UK today. Coles Garage in Ashford
This particular invoice came from Crouch's Garage Ltd, a filling station located (conveniently) on Station Road, Ashford, in Kent. Mention is also made of Leas Filling Station, a receipt from them is shown above. 4 gallons of leaded gasoline were purchased. Crouch's Garage
Finally, a receipt from June 75 issued by Hawkins & Dane, of Stone Street of Faversham. Mr Mercury still appeared on National (Benzole) literature in the 70s, but was less pronounced than on older promotional items. Hawkins & Dane
Les scanned and sent over these fuel company receipts, all of which date to the mid 1970s .. thumbnails of each receipt are shown.

"Here are the fuel invoices I mentioned .. The Anning's garage at Hamstreet is interesting as it was on the opposite side of the road to Tippen's featured in your site already, about 200 yds down on the marsh side of the village, it outlasted Tippen's by a number of years and is still there though only as a repair and MOT garage - to think even this tiny village boasted two petrol stations.

Austins garage still survives but Bill Austin retired many years ago, and Phill Usher, who as a boy was apprentice mechanic there, now runs it and still sells fuel. Again Lydd once had three filling stations and now has one with two pumps only - its sad when one drives around the area where I have been all my life and see all the things transport-wise that have gone, progress eh!".

Thanks for sending them over Les. Old fuel receipts are just the kind of things that get chucked away, but can make for an unusual thing to collect in the world of motoring ephemera.

Tippen's Garage, that Les refers to above, features in the period motoring photographs section of the site, and is shown again below. It was run by relatives of someone I know, who supplied me with the pictures. They show a classic garage of a type that would have been seen up and down the UK back in the 1950s, complete with a range of petrol pumps outside, promoting different brands and blends of leaded fuel.

Tippen's Garage - 1950s pictures

These photos were sent over by David, whose relatives ran this garage cum filling station ..

Old garage in Kent

Old garage in Kent

If anyone out there has other petrol station memorabilia that they'd be willing to scan and send over, I'd like to feature it on this site somewhere please. Anything goes, whether old receipts like shown here, or photographs, books, or any other paperwork that still exists. I can be emailed via the contact page.

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