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See Homepage. This page: Notes for sales agents regarding Morris Inclusive Insurance for Light Cars.

Morris Motors Ltd - Inclusive Insurance.

The following item was issued within an information pack regarding Morris Inclusive Insurance, sent to franchised Morris car sales agencies in September 1924. It acted as a reminder for the sales agents, describing the information to record if the purchaser was willing to include insurance at the time of signing on the dotted line for a new Cowley or Oxford. At the time, both cars were of the "bullnose" variety, examples of which can be found on this page.
What happened to the rest of the information that accompanied this sheet, I don't know. I found this surviving snippet about vintage-era Morris cars in a collector's centre in Leominster, stuffed into a box with more recent motoring ephemera. Queries regarding this particular insurance scheme could be directed to the factory by telegramming "Voiturette" at Cowley, or by telephoning 2, 3 or 4 at the same location. Coincidentally, there's another item of ephemera relating to Morris cars in 1924 elsewhere in this section of the site - namely here, where a flyer promotes a competition in which one of four brand new Cowleys or Oxfords could be won, as part of a drive to raise funds for a local hospital.
Morris Motors cars letter from 1924
To enact an insurance policy, first the sales agent had to complete the following:
"On the proposal form, the purchaser of the car must get the Morris Dealer or Sub-Dealer from whom he bought the car to fill in his name and address and to sign the form. The Dealer will also tell the purchaser the amount that is to be filled in under the heading "Premium". The purchaser of the car should then fill in his full name and address, and the address of the garage where the car is usually kept. The Policy No. and Form No. are for office use only."
"Particulars of the car should be given, i.e. Cowley or Oxford model, two seater, four seater &c and also the registered letter and number of the car. The form should then be placed in the stamped addressed envelope provided and should be posted. The onus of posting the proposal form to the insurance Company lies with the buyer of the car. The Insurance is then fully effective from the time of purchasing the car."
More items of a general motoring nature can be found in the Motoring Collectables section, including a number of pages that also refer to Morris cars in different ways. In addition to the example pages already linked to above, this page features a pocket road guide issued in the 1920s by Morris agent Dallas & Co. of Ayr in Scotland.

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