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See Homepage. This page: A road safety publication issued by the AA (Automobile Association).

AA leaflet - "Safety Through Courtesy".

The AA motoring organisation has issued all manner of books, leaflets and other publications over the years. This small leaflet was, I think, published in 1952, and is titled "Safety Through Courtesy". Inside it features amusing illustrations penned by artist Barry Appleby to reinforce the message being given out, that being courteous behind the wheel would have a positive effect on road safety.
Cover of the AA leaflet
The subjects touched upon in this leaflet are just as relevant today as they were in the early 1950s, more so perhaps as there are so many more distractions inside the modern car than was the case seventy or so years ago, and the roads are significantly busier across the nation as a whole.
So, to the contents of this leaflet and the wonderful old artwork that is contained within.
The first page lists a number of useful "DO"s, while on the opposite page various "DON'T"s are described.
AA leaflet
AA leaflet
The theme continues over the page, where further words of wisdom accompanied by excellent cartoon illustrations describe typical situations that the reader-motorist might stumble across on a typical journey, and how best to approach dealing with them to the benefit of everyone.
AA leaflet
AA leaflet
If one message alone sums up the way a motorist should go about their business, it's the first shown on the page below - "DO as you would be done by", although "DON'T insist on your rights: your obligations are more important" is also sound advice.
AA leaflet
AA leaflet
The text on the rear page reads as follows:
The good driver knows how stopping distances increase with speed, and drives accordingly; drives on his engine and not on his brakes; knows the braking and acceleration of which his vehicle is capable in an emergency; and always adjusts his speed to the prevailing road and traffic conditions."
AA leaflet
Does the Automobile Association still publish advice such as this?
The cartoonist Barry Appleby was born in 1909 and lived until 1996. His work appeared in the Express newspaper; his father was Editor of Autocar magazine in the 1940s, a title to which Barry Appleby contributed regularly over a number of decades.
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