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Homepage. This page: Receipt issued by this motor car company in the early 1930s, and a letter from 1929.

Hudson Essex cars of London.

1. A receipt dating to 1933.

The first of the two Hudson Essex Motors items for this page, a receipt from the early 1930's, turned up amongst a collection of old motoring paperwork. It was issued in March 1933.
Hudson Essex memorabilia
The receipt was for all of 2:3:7, or two pounds, 3 shillings, and 7 pence, and was made out to Balgores Motors, of Gidea Park in Essex. The Hudson Essex company produced some stylish motorcars in the 1930s, and two of their better known models get a mention in the stylish billhead seen here - namely the Hudson Super, and the Essex Super Six.

2. A letter from Hudson Essex Motors posted in 1929.

The next item turned up in 2010, and dates to 1929, ie a little earlier than the receipt shown above. Like that item though, it mentions the Hudson Super Six, and also their address on the Great West Road in London W4. It would seem that a Mr Bevans, of Southwick, had contacted the firm, requesting a copy of a handbook for his brand new 1929 Essex. All apparently wasn't as it should be though, as the letter also refers to a complaint that the owner had made about one of the car's mudguards. The factory's recommendation was that Mr Bevans take the car to his local sales agency, Messrs Auto-Products Ltd, of Thornleigh Rd, West Jesmond, Newcastle-On-Tyne, who would be able to attend to the problem.
A letter from Hudson Essex Motors in 1929

3. Acknowledgment of Order, 1925.

Ten years on and another, older, snippet of Hudson Essex paperwork turns up, this time on the thinnest, most delicate weight of paper I've seen. Here, the firm acknowledges an order placed for a righthand rear fender and a running board, to suit a Hudson Six (or Super Six), in 1925. Interesting that they stuck with the American word for "wing" or "mudguard", in the scan below the word "fender" is partially hidden by the partially-gummed IMPORTANT label.
The previous headed paperwork, above, refers to a London W4 address, while here the address is given as Acton Vale, London W3. The order was placed by letter (a Telegram to Hudsexcar, Act, London would have also worked), by Messrs. G. Banfield & Sons Ltd, Automobile Engineers, of Teme Street in Tenbury, Worcestershire. Clearly they were fixing up a vintage car, maybe following a car-to-car altercation. Is this engineering business related to the JG Banfield & Sons Ltd hardware emporium, located on Teme Street, Tenbury Wells today?
Hudson paperwork 1925

Other information.

An original advertisement, from 1934, is shown below and features the Terraplane, another vehicle from this company ...
More information on the Hudson, Essex (and Terraplane) marques can be found on this Hudson club site, and if you want to view some current adverts for Hudsons etc, have a look at the Hudson page in the oldclassiccar classifieds. A vintage Essex can also be found on this page in the vintage photo gallery.
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