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Castrol oils.

Collectors of Castrol oil cans, tins, and related memorabilia, may just find this page of use, especially if the aim is to collect an example of every product they produced back in the 1950s. It isn't dated, but this leaflet probably dates to the 1950s, as by the 1960s the lettering on the tins had become simpler, and a little more plain, compared to the script shown in the illustrations below. The leaflet's front cover has a fine illustration portraying an example of Castrol's wares, in this case a tin of Castrol XL30 motor oil - "Always Ask for Castrol - by Name".
This particular leaflet bears a stamp on it for T.H. Gosling & Son, of Mareham-Le-Fen, near Boston in Lincolnshire. Gosling's was a garage that operated in the village, and in addition ran a local bus and luxury coach hire business. The firm was founded in 1922. An unused letterhead for the company can also be found here on Old Classic Car: T.H. Gosling.
Castrol leaflet cover
Open the leaflet and a full-page advert for Castrol 2-stroke self-mixing oil is presented, ideal for mo-ped (I've never seen it hyphenated before), scooter and two-stroke owners.
Castrol two stroke oil
Three sides of information are given once the reader delves further into the leaflet, as shown in the scans below. All manner of oils and greases are described. I'd like to find one or two of the Castrol R tins: " Castrol R. The racing oil used to break more records than any other lubricant. Castrol R should not be mixed with any other oil nor with any other grade of Castrol". The product list reads as follows:
  • Castrol ST
  • Castrol D
  • Castrol Hypoy Light
  • Castrol Hypoy
  • Castrol Z
  • Castrolite
  • Castrol XL
  • Castrol XXL
  • Castrol Thio-Hypoy
  • Castrol Hi-Press
  • Castrol Hi-Press SC
  • Castrolease CL
  • Castrolease Medium
  • Castrolease Heavy
  • Castrolease WB
  • Castrolease Unijoynt Grease
  • Castrolease Water-Pump Grease
  • Castrolease PH
  • Castrolease Graphited Grease
  • Castrolease Brake Cable Grease
  • Castrolease Under-Water Grease
  • Castrolease LM Grease
  • Castrol Grand Prix
  • Castrol Two-Stroke Self-Mixing
  • Castrol CR 10, 20, 30, 40
  • Castrol R
The following related products were also available:
  • Wakefield Girling Damper Oil
  • Wakefield Luvax-Girling Damper Oil
  • Wakefield Girling Brake and Clutch Fluid
  • Castrol Shockol
  • Castrol TQ
  • Castrol Penetrating Oil
  • Wakefield Solvent Flushing Oil
  • Wakefield Castrollo
  • Wakefield Everyman Oil
  • Wakefield Taps (for barrels)
If any collectors out there specialise in collecting Castrol items, it'd be interesting to add in a few photos of your collection here.
Castrol oils
Castrol greases
Wakefield Castrol
Further items of Castrol memorabilia will be added to this page over time. A couple of Wakefield Castrol desk blotters may be seen on this page of the site.
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