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Homepage. This page: Letters posted in the 1940s by a garage located in mid-Wales.

Central Garage (Morris Authorised Dealer) 1947.

Central Garage (Brecon) Ltd was an authorised Morris cars agency for the mid-Wales area in the 1940s, as this 1947 letter confirms. They were situated on Ship Street in the town. I admire any garage business that spent the time and money having such well-illustrated paperwork designed and printed for them, when it would have been just as easy to have a simple black and white design thrown together for minimal outlay, especially in the years following the war. Plus nearly half of the page is given over to the design. A pre-war motor-car features in the centre of the page, below logos for Morris cars and also for The Motor Trade Association. Petrol pumps are sat at either end of the main title, while underneath the services on offer at this garage are described - these include the supply of any make of car (including Morris, Hillman, and Sunbeam-Talbot), cars available for hire, Black & Decker de-carbonizing, and Tecalemit greasing (various examples of Tecalemit servicing equipment are described here). So everything that motorists in the locality could need.
Central Garage, Brecon
The letter related to an apprentice that had been working at the garage for three years, and clearly they were satisfied with his performance.
A quick look at Ship Street doesn't reveal any building that was obviously a garage at any time, although - worryingly - there is a modern-ish looking library, which could be sat where Central Garage once resided. I have found references though to a Central Garage on Market Street, which is only yards from Ship Street, so perhaps the business shown here in the 1940s continues, albeit at a different address?

Central Garage during WW2.

The second item of paperwork I have relating to Central Garage in Brecon dates to WW2, September 1944 to be precise, and again is a reference. The apprentice in question was a Mr R. Gough, and it appears that he was making satisfactory progress at the garage on Ship Street. The artwork on this letter, which pre-dates the example above by three years, is simpler but still attractive, containing the same basic information, principally reminding the reader that they were agents for Morris cars - not that many - if any - new examples would have been available during the war.
Central Garage, Brecon, 1944
In both instances, the letters were addressed to The Boughrood Charity in the town, an organisation designed to encourage training of young men in the town that could trace its roots back to the late 17th Century.
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