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Vintage vehicles

Taxi & Charabanc Operator.

This attractively illustrated invoice was issued by Albert Schofield, of Premier Garage, Marsden (nr Huddersfield) in 1928.

His business was varied and revolved around the use of motor-powered vehicles, at a time when horse-drawn vehicles were still regular sights on the (often poorly finished) roads in the UK. Perhaps this company started out with horse-drawn vehicles?

By 1928 they offered motor haulage, and the illustration shows a solid-wheeled flatbed lorry fully loaded with cargo. The canvas roofed lorry, still with open sided cab, looks like the kind of old vehicle (perhaps a Leyland) that might have seen use during WW1 prior to being sold off to a civilian operator.

As well as road haulage, Schofield also offered a motor taxi service (note the cap-wearing chauffeur!), and char-a-banc rides to the seaside, in another very vintage looking vehicle.

Funerals could also be 'completely furnished', so perhaps they also ran a hearse (this could be horse-drawn rather than motor driven).

The invoice is dated December 31st 1928, and applies to various journeys undertaken for their customer.

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An invoice for another garage business, located on the same road in Marsden, may now be found on the West End Garage page.
Charabanc, taxi and lorry operator

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