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Avon HM crossply tyres.

An original leaflet describing Avon HM white-wall tyres of the 1950s already features on OCC, now it's the turn of the mainstream, single-colour, HM (Higher Mileage) Avon tyres to find their way onto the site. Both tyre leaflets were collected by a visitor to the Motor Show in 1953, at which The Avon India Rubber Co. Ltd. (established in 1885) was exhibiting. This cover of this brightly-coloured leaflet was guaranteed to catch a passer-by's attention, while inside various facts regarding Avon HM tyres are presented.
Avon HM tyres
"HIGHER MILEAGE is built into Avon HM tyres at every stage of manufacture.
Employment of a test machine, which has no counterpart in Europe, followed by 1.75 million miles of road testing, have together produced the Avon HM - the tyre which has higher mileage "built in". In the HM carcase, calculated design has taken the place of "feel". In the HM tread, scientific design has taken the place of fashion. The whole tyre had inherent mileage and greater safety."
"Proved by thousands of motorists in everyday use.
Motorists who have changed to Avon HM tyres now know to their satisfaction that the claims made for them are indeed true. Fit Avon HM all round and you, too, will enjoy the very real economy of these remarkable, higher mileage tyres.
Illustrations describe the thick, deep, wide tread that all HM tyres utilised, while the design of tread gave improved stopping power compared to other brands, at least in their opinion.
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