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Jones Garage - Automobile Engineers

I found this pre-war garage invoice in 2006, and it has survived in great condition. It was issued by Jones' Garage, who were automobile engineers situated in Wiveliscombe and Milverton. They were an official RAC-approved repair agent too, so if you had a coming together while driving your rickety old Hillman Minx, or put your Austin Chummy through a hedge whilst chasing a young lady on her horse, Jones' could fix the car up again.

As well as car overhauls, they could also offer 'any make of car' so it seems like they bought and sold cars too. Open or closed cars could also be hired - whether these were self-drive or chauffeur-driven I'm not sure. Accumulators (batteries) could also be re-charged, for a nominal sum.

The invoice shown here was issued to a man of the cloth from Huish Champflower, and related to work he had done on his motorcar in February of 1938...
  • Hire of car for a double trip to Huish
  • 1 gallon of Shell & Castrollo
  • Remove a brake drum, roughen brake lining (!), assemble & test
  • 4 gallons Shell motor spirit - or petrol
  • 1 4.50x19 Dunlop Cord cover (tyre)
  • Chassis lubrication
  • Top up gearbox and rear axle
  • 4 more gallons of Shell & Castrollo
Sadly there is no mention of the make or model of car that this work was done to. A look online suggests that there is still a Jones Garage, located on West Street in Wiveliscombe, Somerset, but whether this is the same family company, or location even, I don't know.

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Jones Garage invoice from 1938

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