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NSU Quickly.

Barely a week passes without thoughts of buying a classic moped or autocycle creeping into my head, followed by perusal of the day's online adverts to see what's around. Raleigh Runabouts, Mobylettes of varying shapes and ages, Norman Nippys and NSU Quicklys are usually to be found. My first experiences of aged mopeds began in the 1970s, riding pillion and clinging on to a multi-coloured Runabout, followed in later years with ownership of an un-molested Mobylette. This page though features the products of a contemporary rival, namely the NSU Quickly, all 49cc of it.
Below is an original sales leaflet for the basic Quickly model, un-dated but most likely from 1955. The Quickly went on sale in 1953 and continued via various upgrades and alternate versions until 1968, by which time a total of over one million had been built. The cover of the leaflet shows the basic model, known as the Quickly N, with its pressed steel frame and forks, and painted rather than chrome-plated wheel rims. A beaming mother waxes lyrical to her enthralled daughter about the Quickly's many merits.
NSU Quickly sales leaflet/brochure
Inside the leaflet, NSU are quick to highlight its many features. Much is made of how everything is built in-house, this indirectly pointing out that many moped manufacturers bought-in their engines - as did Raleigh for example, using Motobecane engines in their Runabouts. NSU's two-stroke 49cc engine produced 1.4hp, it ingested its air via NSU's "Calmed Air" system the reader is told. This feature was inherited from its bigger brothers. Engine wear was reduced because "turbulent dust-laden air" first had to enter the hollow central chamber formed by the frame, where it was "calmed down" before passing into the carburettor's filter - by which time most of the dust has already been deposited away from it.
The drive to the Quickly N's rear wheel was via a two-speed gearbox (twist-grip controlled) and a single chain. Two colour options are described - one is light dove grey, the other being jade green. Standard equipment included a lighting set and horn, luggage rack, stand, dress guards, tool kit and tyre inflater. Ease-of-use was key to the NSU designers' intentions, in fact "a child could ride the Quickly".
Centre pages of the leaflet
The rear cover reminds the reader that the company was well versed in producing exciting two-wheeled machines, not least thanks to their world championship successes in motorcycle racing.

The NSU Quickly De-Luxe.

If the reader yearned for a little more equipment, then help was at hand thanks to a single-sheet flyer included with the main leaflet. This extra publication introduced the De-Luxe model. The company acknowledged that a seasoned moped rider may well, over time, accessorise their mount with extra equipment. This, though, can be an expensive way of doing things we're told. Better just to buy a better-equipped machine from the "off", which is where the Deluxe version came in. The refinements included a speedometer built into a front lamp because, after all, "with the lively performance of the Quickly, - speeds and distances covered are matters which are always of interest". Mudguards with deeper, swoopy, valances were now standard equipment, giving the moped a more stylish look, and offering a little extra protection from road splashes for the rider. An extra side stand was also new, while a larger fuel tank offered increased range between fill-ups. To cap things off, the wheel rims were also chrome plated. I believe that in some markets, this was known as the Quickly S, and it was produced between 1955 and 1962.
The Quickly Deluxe
Other variants would arrive in NSU dealerships in future years, including the sleek Cavallino and the TT, but in the mid-1950s the Quickly type N and the luxuriously-appointed S/DeLuxe were NSU's offerings in the busy moped marketplace.
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