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See Homepage. This page: An original service book issued to the owner of a (BMC) Austin 1100 car.

BMC Passport to Service.

Proud would have been the lady owner of her new Austin 1100 Deluxe, on 2nd October 1964 when she collected her new car from BMC garage Kennings Ltd, of Shropshire Street in Market Drayton. While chassis and engine number data is present within the inside cover of this, the car's Passport to Service, there is no reference to the car's registration number. The lady in question, Miss A.V. Rowlands, lived in Shrewsbury Street in the small village of Hodnet, Shropshire. The same publications were shared between owners of new 1100s and Minis, judging by this booklet's cover.
Passport to Service booklet for Austin 1100
No photos of the car accompanied this service booklet "find", but several in-period photos of Austin 1100s may be found on this page to give an idea. Despite being a best-seller for many years, BMC's ADO16 range suffered like so many cars of the era with rust, and rampant rot would see many cars heading off to an early grave, with terminal tinworm rendering them beyond economical repair. How any have survived is amazing really. Whether Miss Rowlands' 1100 is still around is open to question, but it's highly likely that the car has long-since succumbed to the jaws of a scrapyard's crusher, and lives on only with the survival of this slightly tatty old service document, found at a car boot sale in 2018.
Kennings Ltd BMC car dealer
The first dated entry in the service book, for the Austin's Pre-Delivery Service was undertaken at Kennings Ltd, as was the first scheduled service on 12th October 1964 with the mileage at just 493. The next service stamp occurred on 9th April 1965, by which time the car had covered just 6,642 miles. After that the trail runs cold, with no further entries. Did the car ever grace Kennings' service facility again, or did the owner transfer her allegiances to another, non-BMC, garage? Or did the car come to grief in a road accident, thus explaining the lack of further entries in its Passport to Service?

Service charges for 1963/1964.

Towards the back of the publication, is a table of service charges as of August 1963. Given that this publication was specifically for buyers of Minis or 1100s (including derivatives), charges are given only for the Austin Mini, the Morris Mini-Minor, Wolseley Hornet, Riley Elf, Mini Cooper, and single- and twin-carburettor versions of the 1100. No other cars from the mighty BMC empire receive a mention.
1963/1964 service charges
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