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Motoring Caption Competition No.2

Ok, following on from the previous caption comp, that featured an old lorry taking a dip, this time (again with a Shell logo in the background co-incidentally!) a photo showing a fuel delivery, or collection, taking place somewhere, in the 1920s era I'd guess. Note the fabulous motor spirit pump used to distribute fuel to local car owners. There are no notes with this original photo sadly, so the location and date of this photograph will probably remain a mystery.
4 legged fuel delivery

If you have any amusing suggestions, it'd be great to hear from you. No prizes I'm afraid!

Suggestions so far:

"What's the economy like?"
"Very good about 100 miles to the bale, but the emissions are awful!" Keith

"I don't care about your fancy dress party, you are not leaving that thing outside my garage, its not doing anything for the image of the automobiles!" Keith

"*Don't* blow horns to attract attention." Peter S.
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