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You know how it is, you're maybe still at school or college when the glorious day occurs, the day you've waited for all your teenage life - the passing of the driving test, and the first tentative steps into the world of motoring.

Of course some of the more 'senior' visitors to this site may precede the driving test altogether, and as such have never experienced the misery of hanging around in the waiting room prior to your test, reciting verbosely the stopping distances from various speeds, and reaffirming in your mind the myriad of signposts that exist nowadays to warn of impending impact with a train on a level crossing, or the presence of a sharp bend close ahead.

Once passed, the open road (or rather busy traffic queues) are yours, and much joy is found by finding an purchasing your first car. Whilst the occasional well-healed driver finds themselves in a slick modern machine for their first solo drive, most people have to make do with their aunties crabbing Metro or mangled Fiesta, burdened with 1.0 powerplants and wall to wall plastic interiors.

Whatever the shed you find yourself with, the relationship with your first car is always a special thing, assuming you have a hint of interest in cars and motoring in general. It could be the most beat up SEAT or Nissan Micra there is, but its yours and your proud of it. A few years ago similar joy was provided by leagues of Minis, Maxis, Toledos and Marinas (at least when I passed my test, though I was in the A40 back then) and going further back old Heralds and Anglias were the staple diet of the new driver, where the L plates were consigned once and for all to the glovebox at the earliest opportunity, and stringback gloves were readily pulled on.

As the years roll by, incomes increase and most people sell off their first car for something better, maybe with non-leaking windscreen and functional radio, and a heated rear window that does something in the morning. Before you know it 10 years will have passed, and hints of nostalgia begin creeping in, ok so your Toyota LS400 XKR Ghia Vanden Plas 2.8i Grande Luxe may have more toys than your first car, but there's no getting away from the sneaky longing you may now have, to rediscover that wilting Wolseley or asthmatic Austin.

I've been fortunate - via this website, which every month now has tens of thousands of unique visitors, and the tales I've recalled of my early old cars (see here), have led me to relocating 2 of my old cars - one I bought back (the first of my E83W pickups NCA 129), and the red Spitfire KED 453F, which I haven't bought back but am keen to visit to see how its going (in fact fully restored in 2005/6). These successes set me thinking that others may be in a similar boat, and might be keen to rediscover their elderly chariot, or possibly own an old car now, but are keen to find out it's past. Hence the creation of this corner of my website, where people can submit details of the cars they'd like to re-discover, or indeed wish to research the history of.

All I need is a brief write up (a few sentences will do), the registration number, and if possible (though not essential) a photo of the car to go with it - I'll include it on this page and one day someone may stumble across this page who now owns one of the cars featured. Of course this needn't be be limited to just old (now 'classic') cars, equally theres no reason why details of old motorcycles, invalid carriages, tractors, trucks or even cyclemaster (motorised) pushbikes can't be included.

After all a website is around for a long long time, unlike say a magazine which is here today and gone the next - anything with a registration number could quite easily be found on here just by someone doing a search for it, so good are search engines nowadays. So please drop me a line today, using the link on my home page, and lets set the wheels in motion!

Currently looking for:

Frogeye Sprite
"VBC 856 c1957? Austin Healey Sprite"
(Wenda Mintrum: We sold this some time after we got married, thinking we ought to have something a bit more suitable for when we had children. (and bought a Sunbeam Alpine!). I have great memories of my little car - 'she' took me touring round England and on many trips on my days off. However, we have a nasty feeling we know where it ended up. When watching a video of the film of 'The Sweeney' some years ago, there was a shot of a pile of wrecked cars in a breakers yard - and at the top was what looked very like a yellow Sprite! I do hope we were wrong, and someone can tell me what happened to my car.)

Triumph Herald
"CFF 967C c1965 Triumph Herald"
"Hi, I am searching for a Triumph Herald 12/50 saloon reg. CFF 967 C, that was owned by a friend of mine back in 1990. It was being overhauled at Wyvern Service Station, Ombersley Road, Worcester at the time. The eventual colour was, and still is I believe red and white. Any information on this much loved car would be gratefully received. If you have any information then please make contact as I have hundreds of photographs and information about the rebuild that I would be happy to share. Mike."

"FUT 389 1950 2 1/2Lt Riley Roadster"
(Dads old Riley RM roadster - see the Murky Memoirs page)

"HKL 879 1960 1.5 Lt Saloon"
(Dads Riley OnePointFive)

"XJ 8926 Singer 9 Le Mans Roadster"
(Mums Fathers Singer Nine - picture here in the 1950s over at Pedigree Automobiles)

"Ford Capri Ghia Silver (3 litre I think), SNH 333R"
(Richard Drew:I've been trying to find a car that used to belonged to my Grandfather, its a Silver Ford Capri Ghia (3 litre I think), registration SNH 333R and was sold in July 1985 - I'd love to know if it's still on the road.)

"Fiat 127 Sport KPM 32W"
(I have been trying to trace my orange Fiat 127 Sport reg KPM 32W for a long time now. I owned the car between 1988 and 1990 and did 42K in that time driving to Norwich every weekend. I would love to own this car again. Can anyone advise Nigel on what happened to this Fiat??)

"Ford Capri 2.8i MWA 838W"
(Elaine from Leeds wonders if her first car, a silver 2.8i Capri, is still around?)

"Ford Capri - Champagne colour AWK 294Y"
(Helen is looking for the above Ford Capri for a surprise present for other half's 40th Birthday. If you have any information on the above car please can you let her know)

"VW Beetle 1300 Yellow SJJ 982L"
(Mike Shephard:It was a fantastically reliable machine, and was 'run in' on a 1,500 mile round trip to Italy. My daughter will soon be learning to drive, and would love an original Beetle. I can't think of a better car than this one if it's still around.)

"MG TC Red CFR 290"
(Chris Roberts looking for his dads old MG, sold in the late 70s)

"Volkswagen Type 2 Split screen camper van reg no 214 ETR"
(James Taylor trying to find his grandparents's old VW Split screen camper)

"Austin Healey Frogeye Sprite born 1958, previously owned by the Donald Healey Motor Co.reg. no. 1364 AC"
(Tony Redfern, who sold it whilst at Uni)

"1936 Austin 10 Cambridge Saloon BAK 669"
(Ernie asks: bought second hand in 1938 by my grandfather. Would love to know what happened to it after my father sold it what must be 20 years ago. Has anyone any information?)

"Morris 10/4 AET 540"
(Alistair is hunting for the whereabouts of the 10/4 Morris his Grandfather once owned, more info here)

"MG TA BBL 84"
(David Parkinson asks:"My father is in a home and has asked me to try and find out what happened to an MG that he owned in 1945. The vehicle is an MG TA Musketeer and was built in 1939, three were made for the Langley Brothers. The registration number was BBL 84 and the chassis number is AT2046. Hope someone can help.") Update July 2015. A photo of BBL 84, as it was in 1954, has been added to the MG TA photograph page.

"VW Beetle SST 54K"
(Steve Whitehouse: "I'm looking for my 1972, 1300cc Beetle SST 54K. This picture was taken a couple of days after the restoration was finished. Sold it a few years later and regreted it ever since! I'd be interested to know what happened to it and if it is still on the road?")

"Ford EUH 831"
("I can't remember whether it was a Ford Prefect or Anglia, but I remember it was pre 1959.would the reg. number help EUH 831 .It looked like a ford prefect ,had running boards .was a two door.and that airplane ''thingy'' to pull up the hood . It could also be started with a hand crank..The back window was oval, the inner roof was velour and the seats were made out of leather. SEAMUS")

"Rolls-Royce 25/30 Landaulette FLD 94"
(John Fradgley: "A fantastic website, and hopefully a chance to find a car that was very close to my family. It was a 1937, black Rolls Royce 25/30 Landaulette. Registration number FLD 94, Many thanks and fingers crossed!")

"Triumph 1300SC PVS 70H
Triumph Spitfire 4 Mk2 GVS 500C"
(Tom Finney)

(Tim Moseley: "I'm looking for an MG TC 1946/7 registration no: GON 8. The car was once owned by my parent in the 1950's and I have been told many stories about it. It's colour then was British Racing Green and I would love to know if anyone has any information on what happend to it or where it may be now.")

"Rover P5B 3.5 Litre Coupe VWB 164"
(David Morgan: "... is trying to find a 1970 Rover P5B 3.5 Litre Coupe that was originally owned by his grandparents, together with its original cherished registration number VWB 164, which he last saw in 1984. Finished in Admiralty Blue with a Silver Birch roof and a Buckskin interior, the Rover was last known to have been residing in the Exeter area until approximately six years ago. In 2003 it was re-registered by a previous owner with an age-related UDV...H registration. The original cherished registration that it had displayed since it was new was eventually sold on and currently adorns a 1972 Volkswagen Beetle. Any news on the Rover and/or the original cherished registration number would be much welcomed.")

If you know where any of these are, please let me know via the Contacts page and I'll pass your details on!
Ford Edsel
Rare convertible Ford Edsel
1930s saloon
Someones vintage pride and joy
Classic car storage
A 1930s historic Morris lorry
Vintage Bentley
An ex-Bentley Boys Bentley red label
Ford Pop 103E
The sit up & beg 103E Popular

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