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Homepage. This page: 20 preserved bubble & micro cars featured in this free download from oldclassiccar.

Bubble Cars

A selection of diminutive motor-car designs in a PC screensaver.

bubble cars
Plenty of full-size cars have screensavers dedicated to them on oldclassiccar, but this is the first free screensaver featured here that contains only bubble, or micro, cars in it. Most were photographed at a Goodwood Revival meeting (photos from this meeting here), when bubble cars were a featured display. A set of old trading cards from the 50s, featuring tiny cars like those shown here, can be seen here.

Twenty cars are featured, including tiny cars from Subaru (360), Zundapp (Janus) , Vespa (400), Goggomobil, AC (Petite), BMW, Rytecraft (Scoota-car), Brutsch (Mopetta), Peel, Iota, BSA (Ladybird), Allard (Clipper), Rollera, Kleinschnittger, Stirling, Berkeley, Frisky and Heinkel.

Download the bubblecar s/s only from www.oldclassiccar.co.uk

Instructions (PC version only)
1. Click on the screensaver link below
2. When prompted, save the .exe application file to your PC C: drive & make a note of where you store it
3. Using Windows Explorer, find the file you just downloaded
4. Double click on the file (bubble.exe) to fire it up
5. A grey window shows on screen
6. You can preview the screensaver before installing, just click Run
7. Any keypress or mouse movement will cancel the screensaver
8. To install the screensaver, click the Install option in the grey window
9. You're done! the bubble/micro car screensaver is now your default
10. When you've had enough of it you can go back into your Display settings in MS Windows, and reset to another screensaver if you wish

Pls note
If you're not too confident with changing your PC settings in this way, it is probably best to get someone who knows more about this kind of thing to do it. It has been tested on my own PC (running Windows XP) and works ok with Internet Explorer 6.0 and Firefox 1.0 browsers. No guarantees, warranties or anything else that it'll work on every new or ancient PC out there! I can't take responsibility for anyone re-configuring their Windows settings by trying this - however it should be fine, but it does require a little knowledge by the user to install it.

Download link:
20 car screensaver file 1.97Mb (20 pictures)

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