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Page 3 of children's books featuring cars & other transport on their cover

This is the third page on oldclassiccar on which I've featured cover artwork from children's books (continued from Childrens Books & Annuals Page 1 and Page 2), all of which have a motoring element to them. I'm always on the look out for more books similar to this, or even just scans of the cover artwork.
In all there are five pages in this section, featuring car-related artwork on children's books. This is Page 3.
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Modern Boy's Book of Racing Cars
Modern Boy's Book of Racing Cars
Although not in perfect condition, this book from the mid-1930's is one of my favourites. The cover features a single-seater ERA cracking along at a fair old rate of knots. The book itself is packed with motor racing stories and photos, from cover to cover. I'd like to find a slightly better copy, if anyone knows of one out there?
  Motoring Annual
Motoring Annual
This isn't strictly a children's book, but as the cover artwork fits in well here, I've included it. Edited by Albert Douglas, published by Ian Allan Ltd, this is the first of their Motoring Annual series, from 1957. The cover shows an exciting dice between an Aston Martin DB3S, and a Mercedes 300SLR - the T.T. at Dundrod?
Big Bumper Budget annual
The Big Bumper Budget for Children
The cover of this old book shows a galant young chap attempting to fix a damsel's malfunctioning pedal car. It was given to a girl of 8, presumably in the 1930s although there is no exact date given.
  Ideal Book for Boys
Ideal Book for Boys
This issue by Dean & Son dates to circa 1950, and shows a couple of pre-war style Grand Prix cars duelling on track. Despite the cover illustration, there are no motoring tales within this book's covers.
The Ladybird book of MOTOR CARS
Loads of different Ladybird books were printed in the 50s, 60s, 70s and probably later. This matt finish hardback book is the Revised edition from 1968. The cover shows a car park with vehicles such as the Morris Mini, Ford Corsair, Mk2 Sprite and Triumph Herald. Inside a good selection of cars are featured, unusual cars include the Reliant Regal 325, Honda N600, DAF 33, Daihatsu 800, Simca 1000, Porsche 912, Peugeot 404, BMW 1800, Volvo 131, Lancia Flavia, Volga, Dodge Dart GT, Rambler, Maserati Mistral, Bristol 410, Plymouth Barracuda, and plenty more.
  The Famous Five
Five Go To Smugglers' Top
The Famous Five books by Enid Blyton were very popular when I was a nipper (and well before!). This example was printed in 1965, and originally came out in 1945. The cover features the 5 friends huddled up in a suitably period 1930s or 1940s saloon - perhaps an Austin or Wolseley? This was an early story, only their fourth adventure we're told. Julian, Dick, George, Anne and Timmy the Dog would feature in many stories.
Tales for Tinies
Tales For Tinies
This hardbook kiddies book features a young lad getting ready to hop into his favourite pedal car, fully kitted out in driving gloves and goggles. The book itself isn't dated but the handwritten inscription inside dates to September 1943. Despite the promise from the cover drawing, there are no motor-related stories in this book. The pages are printed on low-grade wartime standard cardboard, so the date of 1943 must be close to when the book was actually printed.
  Boys Own
Boy's Own
Once upon a time the Boy's Own was the essential gift for young lads up and down the land. This one was published in 1965. Boy's Own was a magazine that encouraged children to actually think, and be creative. Something like this would be useful today, if only kids could be dragged away from their games consoles for five minutes. Motoring fans are treated to an article by Charles Fothergill titled Grand Prix Car Racing. Pictures include Jim Clark in a Lotus, an 8 cylinder 1913 Opel single seater, and Stirling Moss in a BRM at Aintree. Also see this 1953 issue of Boy's Own Paper.
Around the Town to Storyland
Around the Town to Storyland
The condition of this old children's book is in unusually good condition. Unfortunately there are no hints as to its exact age, although judging (again) by the use of low-grade paper/card, it must date to the 1940s at some time. Neither is there any indication of who did the drawing on the cover.
  Top-All Book for Boys
Warne's Top-All Book for Boys
This old book has been well-thumbed over the years, and features an exciting racing scene on the cover. Artwork is by Geoffrey Eyles. Within the covers of this book are a number of fictional stories. Of interest is Monty's Motor-Bike by Ronald S. Lyons. Age is unclear, but I'd estimate sometime in the 1930s.
The Saint - Leslie Charteris
The Saint in London
Ok not just a children's book but the cover fits in with this section, showing The Saint piloting an elderly Austin? taxi past an old-style traffic light. Cover artwork by Jarvis - we're also told that this book was originally published as 'The Misfortunes of Mr Teal'. Written by Leslie Charteris, the inside of the loose cover introduces the story - ' "that gay, mad and incalculable filibuster," indulges in his usual occupation of keeping at least two steps ahead of the law'. I thought Simon Templar was a Good guy? then again I've not seen it on TV for years.This one was published in 1951.
Tootles The Taxi and other rhymes
A great old Ladybird book, with characters on the cover very reminiscent of those in the Thomas the Tank Engine stories. This story first came out in 1956, the copy shown is not a first edition sadly (more info about this book here). Throughout are stories about different types of transport (Monty the Motor Coach, Willie the Water Cart etc etc) with illustrations like that on the cover. I have a better copy somewhere, but had to scan this tattier example for now! First editions have a loose cover with the illustration including a dog next to the children, with no visible pavement. In 1985 a new version was published, with different cover and contents.
Big Book of Motors
The Big Book of Motors
Sadly not in the best condition, but still well worth including here. This book shows a handsome four seat tourer driving along, with a well-wrapped up set of passengers on board. The pages are loose and show signs of abuse from 80+ years of existence. The factual accounts are printed on heavy low-grade cardboard pages, and were edited by Herbert Strang. With a little luck I'll come across a better copy one day!
  Thrills of the Speedways
Thrills of the Speedways
Another hardback printed book for children, with illustration by Dean on the cover. It shows four mighty racing cars powering around a banked track, probably inspired by the Brooklands racing venue. The stories inside are a mixture of fiction and fact, discussing different types of motorsport competition.
Motor Racing 1954
The Boy's Book of Motor Racing
First of two copies of a book sharing the same title which I'll feature, this one first published in 1954. Twenty Two chapters are found within this book's pages, all factual and relating to different arenas of competition. Some articles are quite interesting, Chapter Six for example is titled "Britain's Most Criticized Car" and talks about the problems encountered by the V16 BRM racing car. A selection of black & white photographs also feature.
  Motor Racing 1955
The Boy's Book of Motor Racing
Initially I thought this would probably be the same book inside, just wrapped in a different outer wrapper. However this wasn't the case, and The Boy's Book of Motor Racing for 1955 contains a new list of chapters and stories, numbering 24 in all. Again it was written by H.G. Castle. Both books still have their original dustjackets, although that with the '55 copy is in better condition overall.
Motor-Car Mystery
The Motor-Car Mystery
For its age, this childrens' book is in pretty amazing condition. The Motor-Car Mystery was written by T.C. Bridges, and shows a touring Bentley on the cover. The book was awarded to a child who attended the Methodist Sunday School in Sale, Manchester, back in 1936, yet the book actually dates to 1933. Illustrations in the book were by Reginald Mills.
  Book Of Farming
Timothy's Book of Farming
In a break from cars and racing cars, here is an old book about farming, that just happens to have a very smart Nuffield tractor on the cover. Priced at 2' 6d, the inside cover has a number of illustrations showing popular farm vehicles, such as the David Brown Track Layer, Massey Harris tractor (with diesel half track equipment), Allis Chalmers, Fordson Dexta, International, and Ferguson tractors.

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