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September 2007.
A few other odds and ends were attended to in September, some of which are outlined below. Various components, now refurbished and checked as necessary, were given their first coat of primer, including the front axle as shown.

Brake parts were checked over too during this month - amazingly the wheel cylinders show no sign of corrosion at all. I'd expected them to be quite badly corroded so this was a bonus, which after the cost of getting the engine sorted, was most welcome. Back home I also part-restored some smart period indicator lamps that will look just right on this early 40s truck.
Painting the front axle
The refurbished front axle looks a whole lot better now, having received its first lick of red oxide primer. New kingpins have been fitted, and a pair of new trackrod ends that I bought off eBay some years ago, were finally pressed into service.
Brake backplates
Shown above are the two front brake backplates once cleaned back to bare metal - they could almost pass for new items, so well did they clean up (must be good quality steel!). The drums will be checked to see if they need skimming, and the shoes are due to be re-lined shortly along with the clutch plate and parking brake band, which acts as a transmission brake.
Turn indicator lamps
Also bought off the 'net were these smart little indicator lamps, a period option for trucks in the US during the 30s, 40s and 50s. As the Dodge never had flashing indicators fitted to it, the hunt was on to find something suitable, and of the period - no nasty modern repro lamps! these units fit the bill perfectly, although they were heavily rusted when purchased. I gave them a session in a blasting cabinet and they came up much better, a spot of filler primer to get rid of the pitting will be required, and if I can work out a way to re-create the pressed plastic lenses, they'll look A1. This photo shows them after being dismantled, ready for a gentle blasting with medium garnet blasting media.
Turn indicator lamps
Part way through the blasting process, and the difference is amazing. With the rust and flaking paint gone, the condition of the lamps can be clearly assessed. Fortunately bar a few minor dings these two will need little work.
Brake booster
The VK series of trucks has a vacuum brake booster system fitted to it. This has been inspected and is now ready to be cleaned and painted, before re-fitting.
Roof panel
This huge panel is the section that joins the top of the screen panel to the main body of the coach. With the paint removed, a look inside shows that this large panel was made up from no less than eight separate sections, all skillfully joined together so that from the outside, when painted, it looks like a single pressed panel. The panel only needed minimal work before priming - fortunately it never made contact with any low bridges during the 40s or 50s!!
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