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Homepage. This page: An early '50s Minor parked facing the camera, and other classic Moggie photos.

1. Front view of a 1954 Morris Minor Series 2.

First photograph: the scene below shows a Morris Minor, parked in the driveway of a smart rural abode. It came with a series of photos I bought on a CD, and is used here with permission. The Series 2 Minor, with the OHV A-Series engine, was introduced in 1952. In October 1954 the Series 2 Minor received a facelift, the most obvious change being the grille, which changed from the cheesegrater style of the early cars, to one featuring horizontal bars. The car shown here, still with the splitscreen and a registration from the series NNP (July 1954-on), is one of the last of the early Series 2 type (as is this Minor tourer) before the revised grille was brought in.
Issigonis was less than impressed at having to re-design the front wings and headlamp arrangements for his baby Morris MM, several years after the 'lowlight' Minor has been launched. The lights were raised to meet regulations in force over in the USA, and all cars adopted this new layout from then on.
Morris saloon

2. Morris Minor and a picnic.

The second photo for this page shows an early-ish two door Minor, with a family enjoying a picnic from the boot of their trusty Morris. No information regarding the car or the date are given on the back sadly, and the location of this scene will remain a mystery too.
Morris Minor and a family picnic
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