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Homepage. This page: A variety of photos featuring vintage Morgan three-wheelers of the 1920s/1930s.

1. A Morgan Grand Prix ?

Nigel sent this first picture over, wondering if any more information on this particular Morgan could be found:
A pre-war 3 wheeler Morgan
This isn't the first vintage Morgan to feature on oldclassiccar, as a photograph of a JAP-engined 3 wheeler Morgan was added not so long ago. I'm hoping that a Morgan expert will stumble across this page at some point, and be able to help identify the car shown here. I've found references to a Morgan Runabout from the earliest days of this Malvern-based firm, but this looks to me like a sporting version - possibly the Morgan Grand Prix, from the mid 1920s. A look on this Morgan site shows scans of a brochure from 1926, and the Grand Prix shown there looks very similar, a type that found favour with drivers at the Brooklands motor racing circuit in the pre-war years.

2. Lady, with Morgan.

The second Morgan photo to feature on this page is from my own collection of images. It shows a smartly dressed lady, well wrapped up for a winter's day, stood alongside a sporting Morgan just as the snow is beginning to fall. Again this looks to me very similar to the car shown above, is this also a Morgan Grand Prix?
A vintage Morgan Grand Prix

3. Another young lady, and a Morgan Runabout ?.

Now, a side view of a Morgan three-wheeler, a lady sat behind its steering wheel. Wearing gauntlets and a buttoned-up overcoat she's ready for any weather, and she'd need to be with the car's roof folded as it is. These Morgan drivers were, and are, plucky types! Two suitcases can be seen strapped to the tail of the bodywork, so this previously un-published photo was probably taken on, or prior to, a trip away. Once again I've looked around to try and find a match for the car shown below - the closest match I can find is a mid-1920s' Runabout, or possibly the Deluxe.
(Please click the thumbnail to view the full-size Morgan photo.)
Morgan Runabout or Deluxe
If a Morgan guru can positively i.d. the cars featured on this page, it'd be appreciated, thanks.
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