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Packard saloon in Canada.

A note on the rear of this photo confirms that it was taken in Sarnia, Canada, July 1945. The car to our left is a Packard. The single-piece windscreen (earlier cars had a two-piece screen) suggests an automobile of the mid/late 1930s, probably circa 1936. I think this is a Packard 120 Series sedan, one of several variants of the "One-Twenty" line that were produced.
A pre-war Packard sedan
A number of other cars are in view. Also visible are several businesses that were located on this street in Sarnia, including Gower Furs, a laundry, the Colonial Hotel and, in the distance, the Capitol cinema. Just visible is the current film showing - "God Is My Co-Pilot" starring Dennis Morgan. A little research confirms that this film was released in 1945. It was based around the real-life flying exploits of a one Colonel Robert L. Scott, and was released in April of that year (the film's trailer can be found here on Youtube).
A closer look at the Packard has been added in below. I believe it is a sedan (saloon) version of the One-Twenty - a photo of the more glamorous Convertible Coupe can be seen here.
Closer look at this 1930s Packard

A UK-registered example from 1937.

In 2014 the following photograph was received, the sender hoping that the car - that belonged to his grandfather - might be identified. Again it looks like a 120-series straight-eight Packard, although this one is photographed in the UK. London registered (GMD 196), it first ran on UK roads in 1937. The presence of a roof-mounted aerial points to the fitment of a wireless set. Other minor differences between this and the Canadian example above include this car having a sizeable pair of auxiliary lamps, and bumper overriders of a slightly different design. Otherwise it looks very similar.
(Please click the thumbnail to view the full-size photograph.)
A 137 Packard One-Twenty in the UK
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A photo of an earlier Packard 8 can be seen here, while in the motoring collectables section, there is a letter regarding Packard cars for 1938.

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