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Ford Consul Classic.

Picture taken at the Kelsall Classic Car Show, Cheshire.

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More details about this Ford Consul Classic seen on the 22nd May 2005:

Not everything that Ford produced was a big hit and it is fair to say that the Consul Classic didn't really sell in big numbers. In fact it was only marketed for a few years before being dropped from the sales catalogue. Fords ideas was that the Classic would fit in the range between the 105E Anglia and larger Cortina and Corsair. The styling was unusual to say the least and had a very trans-atlantic feel to it.

I'd be interested to include more details of this cars history, so if you own the Consul Classic shown below, or are a bit of an expert on the subject of Ford then by all means get in touch.
Consul Classic produced by Ford
I've included 100 photos from the Kelsall Show, so don't forget to have a look at some of the other classic cars by visiting the main Kelsall Show page. If you've got an interesting set of photographs from a show you've attended it'd be great to feature them on oldclassiccar too.

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