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Jaguar E-Type low-drag coupe.

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Photograph of a classic E-Type low-drag coupe at the Goodwood circuit.

Jaguar E-Type low-drag coupe at the Revival Meeting.
A few notes on this classic Jaguar E-Type low-drag coupe:

CUT 7 is the 'low drag' coupe owned by Viscount Cowdray.

If you can provide more info on E-Type low-drag coupes, or other Jaguars similar to this, please get in touch. In all there are 170 photographs featured from the 2006 revival, including competition cars, service vehicles, pushbikes, and a few interesting old motors owned by visitors to the race. To make things more manageable, they have been split into 2 sets (this Jaguar is in set 2).

To view the other photos in this set, visit the Goodwood Revival Part 2 page.

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