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Austin Champ.

Photograph taken at the Smallwood Vintage Rally, Cheshire - May 30th 2005.

More information on this Austin Champ:

The Champ came along in the 1950s and was meant to replace stocks of wartime US Jeeps. Sadly they were not particularly cheap to run or maintain and were withdrawn by the mid 1960s in favour of the Land Rover. The engines were manufactured by Rolls Royce - model number B40 4 cylinder petrol engine.

If the Champ below is yours and you have any further details or history on it that could be included on this page, please consider emailing it over and I'll credit it to you accordingly below this photo of your old Austin Champ.
Champ from Austin
There were lots of different and unusual classic vehicles on display at this event, in addition to the Austin shown here, so don't forget to have a look at them too.

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