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Classic REO Speedwagon.

Here is the ancient engine that powers this 1916 Speedwagon - note the external rockers and pushrods.

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Speedwagon on display at Tatton Park, Cheshire.

If you have any more info or restoration stories about this particular Speedwagon, or Speedwagons in general, I'd really like to feature it on oldclassiccar.

REO Speedwagon that I saw at Tatton in June 05.

I took all these photos at the classic & vintage show held at Tatton Park, in June 2005. The REO shown above was one of several hundred vehicles held in the grounds of this National Trust property.

Some vehicles appear at a number of local shows throughout the season, so I've picked my favourite 95 photos from this particular old-car gathering. The other 94 pictures can be found on the main Tatton Park car show page. If I missed your car out, then I apologise! If the Speedwagon featured here is yours then I hope you're pleased to see it featured here. If there were other REOs at the show which I've included in this image gallery, the links will be further down this page.

Other REO photos taken at the classic cars show at Tatton Pk.:
(Pic 50) REO Speedwagon

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