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Austin 8 in Black.

This is an example of a good working classic that could be used regularly. It looks like the coolant will need topping up before this particular Eight heads off for home though. USJ 225 was registered in December '46.

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Photographs of Austins, 8s and other old vehicles in Wales

Austin 8 photo
  • Classic 8 from Austin.
  • Built in: 1946.
  • Colour(s): Black.
In June 2006 we spent a week in Wales, and were fortunate enough to find a number of interesting old vehicles to photograph. The Austin shown above is one of 90 such photos that I've put up on the web. Many of the photographs were taken at a small classic and vintage vehicle gathering at Parc Glynllifon, near Caernarfon. A few pictures were taken at other locations in this area, details of which are given where applicable.

Years ago a drive around rural Wales used to turn up quite a few interesting roadside relics, left to moulder outside old houses and garages, but such discoveries are becoming a distant memory as areas get tidied up, and old buildings levelled to make way for more identikit housing. The best bet then to see classic Austins and 8s is at vintage gatherings such as that at Parc Glynllifon. I hope you find these photos of interest. More automotive pictures from our trip to Wales can be found on the main Welsh car photos page.

Please note that these photographs are (c) R Jones.

Other Austin photos taken at various locations in Wales:
(Pic 27) Austin 8
(Pic 25) Austin 8
(Pic 49) Austin 8
(Pic 9) Austin 16
(Pic 10) Austin 16
(Pic 68) Austin 7 Ruby
(Pic 7) Austin 7 Tourer
(Pic 61) Austin 7 Tourer
(Pic 6) Austin 7 Tourer
(Pic 37) Austin A35
(Pic 36) Austin A35
(Pic 39) Austin A40 Somerset
(Pic 38) Austin A40 Somerset
(Pic 57) Austin A55 Cambridge Mk1
(Pic 56) Austin A55 Cambridge Mk1
(Pic 55) Austin A55 Cambridge Mk1
(Pic 79) Austin Mini Cooper Mk2
(Pic 78) Austin Mini Cooper Mk2
(Pic 80) Austin Mini Cooper Mk2
(Pic 32) Austin Mini Cooper Mk2

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