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Homepage. This page: Preserved Anglia 307E van seen at an event in Shropshire.

Ford Anglia 307E van.

Shown here is a photo of a very trim Anglebox van (Thames 307E type) that was on show at Weston Park.

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Ford Anglia 307E van picture

Photographs of classic vehicles at Weston Park in Shropshire.

I've featured 105 of the photos that I took at Weston Park, including this one of the Ford Anglia 307E van that was at the show on the Sunday (its a 2 day event). There was an interesting selection of classics on display, many of which I've not seen before. More pictures from this particular show can be seen on the Weston Park page. Links to pics of other Fords, if I have some, are further down this page.

All the car & other vehicle photographs have copyright on them.

Other Ford photos taken at the vintage and classic rally held at Weston Pk.:
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