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Racing car artwork

Its amazing how much old motoring material, whether it be paintings, brochures, parts or posters, is still being thrown away, perhaps as part of a house clearance, or someone
down-sizing their house and thinking that no-one would be interested in this old 'junk'. Well, if anyone is reading this and thinking of chucking out old car-related stuff, let me know first!! an example of some artwork that nearly was lost forever is shown below, and was sent over by Les, a regular contributor to the site.

He says .. "Whilst having a further sort out I came across a long forgotten folder that includes some fantastic art work by a chap whose life was as an illustrator for comics and magazines/books in the 1930/60 period. A friend ended up with his garage full of stuff and was on the verge of dumping a lot when I called round. I fell in love with the sketches and water paintings, most of which were aircraft, and the folder was all late 1930s items, I intend at some time to frame the originals and maybe get the opinion of a good auctioneer, but I feel I ought to share the car items with others as I am sure it will bring a lot of pleasure to many." All of the art featured here was by this artist, L Manwaring by the looks of it (or should that be Mainwaring?), but more than that I do not know.

ERA - English Racing Automobiles

ERA was created by a certain Raymond Mays in the 1930s, and he was a regular at hillclimb events throughout the 1930s, and into the early postwar years, driving these distinctive racing machines. Many survive to this day and are regulars at historic racing meets, often humbling much more recent competition cars in the process.

ERA racing car

This first drawing shows an 1100cc ERA, the 'works car as driven by Earl Howe and Raymond Mays'. This illustration is dated 11th December 1938.

ERA racing car

The second piece of artwork rescued and sent over by Les, shows a black ERA (Mays in R4D most probably) negotiating a tight bend, presumably at a hillclimb venue somewhere in the UK. This particular painting dates to November 1937. The ERA is car number 15 in this particular event - if this is of an actual car seen at a particular race or hillclimb in 1937, it may be possible to identify the venue and driver. This is my favourite of all the paintings that Les sent.

Bugatti at Brooklands

Next up are a pair of pieces featuring Bugattis.

Bugatti pencil drawing

The first is a pencil drawing of what looks like a road-equipped Bugatti, again perhaps at a hillclimb. You wouldn't get this angle of view of a car on a circuit too often, which makes me think that this was seen at a hillclimb venue once again, unless it was based on a photograph printed in Speed magazine for instance. The car still has mudguards in place, and a road registration (ending in '241').

The second piece is excellent I think, and shows George Eyston on the Brooklands' banking in the 1920s, although I think again the art was actually produced in the 30s (I can't quite make out the dates). I'm still amazed that all these pictures were going to be skipped!

Bugatti at Brooklands

Edmonton M.C.C.

This is the final scan sent to me, and shows the beginnings of a design for a club badge, or letter heading maybe? It shows a side-on view of a racing car. Prior to the war there were lots of people interested in racing petrol-powered model cars, and I wonder if this logo was to be used by the Edmonton Model Car Club, if such an organisation existed!

Edmonton Model Car Club

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