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XO series of older car registration numbers.

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This page lists registration number codes from the XO series, a series allocated to the London area. Also included, where known, are the date periods that these car registration numbers were used in. The data covers the period of 1900 through to 1972, so registrations seen on later cars wouldn't necessarily be included in this information.

Interpreting a car's registration number.

The majority of post-war car numbers incorporate a three letter code - where this is the case, letters 2 and 3 signify the location code. So, for instance, a car with the registration number 638 GXO or TXO 512D would be a London-issued number. A car with just two letters, ie XO, would also be from this area. Listed below are the known XO series registrations, with added information (where available) describing when each series was first used, and in a few cases, when it came to an end. Some letter codes were used for more than one period during the 20th Century. This information can be invaluable when trying to date vehicles seen in old photographs, or in old films for instance.
Also if your car has lost it's original registration, perhaps sold off by a previous owner as a "cherished" number, this information will help you find a suitable replacement, or at least identify which series would be suitable, based on the age of your car and where it was first registered.
XO Registrations - London.
Reg. Letters Year Letter Start -> End Date (if known)
AXO MAR 1934 ->
AXO MAY 1960 ->

BXO APR 1935 ->
BXO MAR 1961 ->

CXO APR 1936 ->
CXO JUL 1961 ->

DXO MAR 1937 ->
DXO MAR 1962 ->

EXO MAR 1938 ->
EXO SEP 1962 ->

FXO MAY 1939 ->
FXO APR 1963 ->

GXO JUN 1943 ->
GXO SEP 1963 ->

HXO NOV 1946 ->

JXO JUN 1948 ->

KXO OCT 1949 ->

LXO JAN 1951 ->

MXO MAR 1952 ->

NXO MAY 1953 ->

OXO NOV 1953 ->

PXO JAN 1955 ->

RXO JUL 1955 ->

SXO MAY 1956 ->

TXO MAR 1957 ->

UXO NOV 1957 ->

VXO SEP 1958 ->

WXO APR 1959 ->

XO MAY 1923 -> AUG 1923

XXO SEP 1959 ->

YXO FEB 1960 ->
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