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Homepage. This page: An original photograph of an Opel Rekord Type A.

A classic Opel of the 1960s.

This photo was taken somewhere in mainland Europe, during the mid-late 1960s. The car shown is an Opel Rekord A, 1963-1965 in date, the replacement for the previous P2 model of 1960-onwards. As well as the two door saloon, or 'sedan', shown here, a four door was also offered, as were estate (the 'car a van'), delivery van and coupe versions. In 1964 a six cylinder version was also introduced. Buyers in Britain had Vauxhall cars, whereas Opels were more often to be found on the Continent as you might expect with a German car such as this. Other countries, such as Sweden, also took to the roomy Opel automobile - in 1965 the Rekord A was the fourth best selling car in this country, after the Volvo Amazon, VW 1200, and the Saab 96.
Opel Rekord car
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A photo of the original, first-series, Olympia Rekord of 1953 and 1954, can be found here.
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