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Homepage. This page: A quick mention to the sponsor logos that feature on the ex- Dennis Poore Dodge and trailer.

Sponsors of R.D. Poore's Alfa Romeo.

Both the trailer and the Dodge still feature the logos from the sponsors that part-funded Poore and his motor-racing, during the 1940s and early 1950s. On this page I'll show each in turn, and provide a bit of background information on each.

Notwen Oils

Notwen Motor Oils
Notwen Oils sponsor logo One of the main sponsors, whose livery features on the Dodge and trailer, was Notwen Motor Oils, which later became Newton Oils. It was run by Eric Newton, and the product name was simply his surname, reversed!

The logo reads "I always use Notwen Oils for dependability" - I wonder if he did? I bet the Alfa ran on Castrol R! Perhaps the Dodge used Notwen. It would have needed to use a good grade of oil - one fuel tank had pump fuel, the other had racing methanol in it. Once the lorry had warmed up on 4 star, a switch transferred supply from pump fuel, to nitro-methanol racing fuel. More on this firm here.


Ferodo linings Perhaps a better known sponsor was Ferodo, whose brake and clutch linings Denis Poore promoted on the Dodge.

"I always use FERODO Brake and Clutch Linings" the signwriting on the side proclaimed - perhaps during the Dodge restoration, we'll find out if that was always the case. The plan is to re-create all this original signwriting when the bodywork is re-panelled during the rebuild.

I wonder if Ferodo keep any records going back to the 50s, of sponsorship agreements they had with private racing drivers?


Dunlop tyres This advertising, for Dunlop tyres, suggests that Poore used this firm's tyres on his car, and/or the lorry. "Dunlop - The First Tyre in the World" proclaims the signwritten rear corner of the transporter. I've not seen any tyres marked as Dunlop fitted to the Dodge, in fact I think some of the tyres fitted have been there since the war, going by the makers' marks and countries of origin. Maybe the Alfa Romeo used some of Fort Dunlop's tyres throughout its post-war career? Do Dunlop keep records going back this far too I wonder?


Lodge Plugs In the 40s and 50s, there were many brands of spark plug to choose from. It would seem that Lodge provided some sponsorship for R.D. Poore Motor Racing, and I did find a few in the Dodge engine when I examined it. Other brands at the time included KLG and Champion.

"I Use LODGE Plugs" so the advertising says.

SU Fuel Pumps and Carburettors

SU Carbs Both rear doors advertise SU - one door the carburettors, the other their range of Petrol Pumps.

The Dodge came fitted with an AC mechanical pump (Model D) as standard, but I remember Sten Aberg telling me that they fitted an electric pump (presumably by SU) to prime the mechanical pump, in order to speed up starting, which on 6 volts I suppose could be touch-and-go.

Burlen Fuel Systems now handle SU carbs and parts, I wonder if the old SU records still survive?
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