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Classic Studebakers.

A US event for fans of Studes of all ages at this gathering.

Thanks to DM, who sent me these pics quite some time ago, all of which were taken at a Studebaker show, held in Chicago a few years back.

Most of the popular Stude models were featured, and these are just a sample of the cars and pickups that were in this event. Models featured here include Avantis, pickups, Champions, a wonderful '40 Commander, Lark, President and more. The cream Champion convertible is especially of interest, as the information on the door tells show-goers that it won the 1951 Mobilgas Economy Run, at 28mpg - "The thrifty one for '51".

1963 Avanti
  1949 Pickup custom
  1940 Commander
  1963 Avanti
  1955 President
1949 Champion
  1952 Champion
  Two Studebakers
  1953 Studes
  1959 Lark 4dr
1950 Champion
  1953 Truck
  1950 Champion
  1955 Studebaker

A UK Studebaker discovery

A few years ago, I was tipped off about a derelict Studebaker that was available not far from me here in the UK.

I was told that the condition was very poor, and they weren't kidding. Although it has nothing to do with the Chicago show, this seems like a suitable place to feature some photos of this rare RHD Stude. First owner was the Foden family, well known across the world for being producers of many many British lorries some years ago. By now the car may well have been scrapped, as it was in terrible condition, the roof had been kicked in and much of the interior trashed.

1947 front view
  Passenger side
  Driver's side

For more photographs showing old cars at shows, in the US and across the UK, please see the main car show photographs page here at oldclassiccar.

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