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1. Sunbeam Alpine 686 XFM

Several different Sunbeam Alpines are now featured on this page. First up, a black and white photograph. Parked next to a wall is an early 1960s Sunbeam Alpine sportscar, fitted with a hardtop. The early Alpines (Series 1 - 3) had the larger tailfins, as can be seen on this car, and I'm told that the curvy hardtop was fitted to the Series 1s and 2s, so that narrows this car down to a 1 or a 2. Perhaps a Sunbeam expert could help me out with the exact model shown??
The Series 1 was launched in 1959, with the Series 2 following in 1960 and having the enlarged 1592cc unit. The Series 3 came along in 1963. The GT version of the S3 came with a hardtop as standard, but with no folding soft-top roof. This gave a more roomy and refined driving experience (especially as the engine tune was softened a little) but at the expense of wind-in-the-hair fun. A Sports version of the Series 3 was also available, this came with a soft-top with the extra-cost option of a hardtop, handy if you planned to drive your Alpine all year round. Next along would be the Series IV and V, by which time the rear fins had been reduced in size, in line with current styling trends, and the move away from big fins.
The Alpine shown below is fitted with a smart set of wire wheels, and an extra spotlamp bolted to the bumper. In the background is parked an MG 1100 or 1300, 4 door saloon.
Sunbeam Alpine with hardtop

2. Series 2 Sunbeam Alpine.

Peter sent over the following photographs, featuring two different Alpines, both seen in the early 1970s. Firstly, several photos of a Series 2 Alpine that belonged to his cousin Ken (reg. 3577 SF). Also in view, a Hillman Avenger estate car, a Mk1 Escort van, and behind, another Ford favourite, a Mk1 Transit van. These photos were taken in 1975.
Sunbeam Alpine Series 2
Sunbeam Alpine II
Sunbeam Alpine S2 sports car
Side view of the Alpine

3. Peter's Series 4 Alpine.

Prior to his cousin buying the Series II, Peter owned the Series IV shown below. It was bought requiring some tidying up, seen here before and after work, in 1972.
Sunbeam rusty
Sunbeam Alpine Series IV
Sunbeam Alpine Series IV
Peter has maintained a healthy interest in proper old cars ever since, and now runs a lovely 2.5 SS Jaguar from 1939 - the story about which can be read here.
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