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Can anyone id this unrestored forties caravan?

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Bill has been in touch, he owns the unusual old caravan shown here but doesn't have a great deal of information on it!.

Can anyone shed any light on the make or model of caravan that is shown here? Chances are it is something from one of the main caravan companies from the 1930s or 1940s, perhaps an Eccles?

His ultimate plan is to restore this early caravan, and tow it behind his 1960 Ford Thames 15cwt 400e van, which is also down for some restoration work. However it'd be nice to be able to confirm exactly who is was built by, and an indication of what year it may have been built in. My guess is just pre-war or very early postwar, but I am no expert in matters old caravanning related. If you can identify this 'van, please get in touch and I'll forward the info on to Bill.

Bill continues .. the only clue to how old it is, is an old 1940's film of 'the Canterbury Tales' in three parts, I watched about 20 years ago, which featured a similar 'van to mine, only it was a mirror image in layout. Perhaps by chance someone reading the article may remember watching this film ???

Over to the vintage caravan experts out there - can anyone offer any advice on the manufacturer of this early 'van ??

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