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Fiat 1500C.

Leo's been a car enthusiast since he was a child, and fortunately he often carried a camera with him while out cycling. In 1958 he visited Utrecht, and while he was there, photographed a good number of European and American cars. Here is a photo of a tired-looking Fiat 1500, the car dating to the early or late 1940s. The previous incarnation, an example of which he also captured on film and features here, was a slightly odd device, its design influenced by aerodynamic theories that were all the rage in the 1930s. By the end of the decade, car designs were reverting to "safer", less avant-garde, styles.
The Fiat 1500C is reminiscent of the Longbridge-built Austin 16 of the same era. While the previous generation 1500 was quite radical in its styling, with its wind-cheating radiator surround, and faired-in headlamps, the front end treatment bestowed upon the 1500C was altogether more conventional. Fiat certainly played it safe with the 1500C, and subsequent 1500D and 1500E variants of the same theme.
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Fiat 1500C in Utrecht 1958
The example above is in a condition typical of any 15+ year old car in the late 1950s, ie still capable of giving reliable service, but definitely looking past its prime. Like the 1500 Leo also found while on his travels, the 1500C is missing a windscreen wiper, and is also crying out for the attentions of a bucket of water, and a sponge. The paintwork bears evidence of the enthusiastic attentions of a do-it-yourself painter. Film-makers take note, this is how old cars in the 1950s tended to look - few were immaculate and in "factory fresh" condition. Many indeed were run on a shoe-string, and it showed.
Thanks for the photo Leo.
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