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See Homepage. This page: An old photograph of a late-1920s Sunbeam 20.9hp automobile, with its chauffeur.
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1928 Sunbeam motor-car.

The fine British car in the photograph below has been identified as a Sunbeam Twenty, with Weymann saloon coachwork. The car's registration - YV 2704 - confirms its 1928 registration. Being a London series, it was used up quite promptly, the YV range being introduced in March of 1928 and only continuing until May of the same year. Note the faux "pram irons" fitted the rear three-quarters of the roof. The chauffeur looks suitably proud of his charge, fully prepared for the job, his driving gloves fitted and ready for the road.
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Vintage Sunbeam car photograph
Sunbeam, as did many British car manufacturers, started out in business producing bicycles, from their Wolverhampton base. Later they diversified into producing a range of motorcycles and motor-cars. The six-cylinder 20hp car of the type shown above was launched in 1926 and sold alongside the 16hp Sunbeam, remaining in production until 1930.
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