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See Homepage. This page: A line-up of pre-war American classics, headed by a six-cylinder '35 Pontiac Coupe.
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1935 Pontiac Standard Six Coupe.

This old photo was developed on August 26th 1938, and features an impressive line-up of classic 1930's American cars. Pole position in this collection goes to a smart 1935 Pontiac Standard Six Coupe, seen with both its rear-hinged doors ajar. Behind it, a 1937 Plymouth Sedan, what looks to be a 1936 Buick, a 1936 Ford, and an unidentified tourer.
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1935 Pontiac car

The Pontiac DeLuxe Six, Standard Six and the Improved Eight.

At its launch, the 1935 Pontiac was available as the DeLuxe Six, with an 80bhp straight-six engine (208 cubic inch), or as the Improved Eight with its 84bhp 223 cubic inch straight-eight, both equipped with Dubonnet-type independent front suspension, a three-speed manual gearbox, and hydraulic braking to all four corners. The six-cylinder version was fitted with wire spoked wheels, while the eight-cylinder car had artillery-spoke wheels.
Brochure cover for the Pontiac Six of 1935
A short while into production a Standard version of the Six would be offered at a cheaper price. The Standard Six lacked some of the other cars' refinements, such as the independent front suspension, replaced by a simple solid I-beam arrangement, but was a useful 9% cheaper to buy. It also lacked wing-top parking lamps, a feature not seen on the car in the above photo, leading me to think that it is a Standard Six.
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