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See Homepage. This page: An old photo showing a 1942 Dodge automobile parked outside a cabin in the woods.
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1942 Dodge.

Fortunately the presence of a Ram's head mascot on this car's bonnet identified it as a Dodge, and a little looking around confirms it as a 1942 Dodge D-22 sedan, either a Custom or Deluxe model. The cars from early 1942 were typically laden with chrome-plated trim, but as restrictions were imposed on the use of chrome-plate on motor vehicles, these were replaced by painted items, creating what would be known as the "black out" version.
This '42 Dodge is seen parked outside a cabin in the woods, a note on the rear says "The cabin looks a little lonesome doesn't it!"
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Classic 1942 Dodge D22 car
One interesting fitment on the 1942 Dodge was a buzzer that operated if you drove away with the handbrake on - a taste of things to come with regard to gadgets that would appear on US-built cars after the war.
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