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I like to see tatty old photos, it usually means that they've been cherished by someone and probably carried around for years in that person's wallet, rather than just sitting in an album gathering dust. While the photo below definitely qualifies as tatty, the subject of the image - the glistening AJS (A.J. Stevens & Co.) motorcycle, and its smartly-attired owner, are anything but. Alas no notes accompany this well-thumbed old print, so I'm hoping that a motorcycle enthusiast who happens to land on this page will be able to identify the precise model of AJS shown.
My best guess is that it's an AJS Model 18 of the late 1940s, which if correct means that the 'bike shown here had a 500cc single-cylinder engine.
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AJS motorcycle
The AJS could well have been brand new at the time of this photo, everything on it glistens beautifully, including the RAC Member's badge affixed to its handlebars, "just in case". In the background is a curved structure, quite possibly a Nissen hut, suggesting that the location for this photo is likely to be a military establishment of some description.
As more old photos of AJSs turn up, I'll add them in here.
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