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See Homepage. This page: A period view of a vintage Angus-Sanderson from the early 1920s.
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The following photo of a fine Angus-Sanderson 14hp tourer was emailed over by Kevin, in the hope that it could be identified. A couple of VSCC-ers confirmed the car's origins as being that of Angus-Sanderson, a company that began producing the 14hp in 1919 and continued with the single model until 1921. The example shown below is registered BO 3414, a Cardiff registration circa 1920.
Note the large electric horn fitted to the offside front wing, in addition to a smaller hand-operated hooter mounted below the screen, on the driver's side. The car also features an Auster screen, designed to protect the rear seat passenger(s) from excessive buffetting at speed.
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The firm was originally formed by Sir William Angus, of Sanderson & Co., in County Durham. The company existed in this form from 1919 to 1921, when the firm was re-structured, and re-financed, becoming Angus-Sanderson (1921) Ltd, of Hendon, Middlesex, continuing in business until finally closing its doors in 1927.
Inspired by the success of the Model T, and its principles of mass production, the plan was to produce a mid-size car using bought-in components wherever possible. Power was courtesy of a 14.3hp 2.3 litre four-cylinder Tylor engine (a firm also known for its lavatory cisterns apparently!). The three-speed gearbox was sourced from Wrigley, the suspension from Woodhead. Disc wheels were bought from Goodyear, although some were evidently fitted with the artillery-type rims shown on the car above. Delays in the delivery of new cars (priced at �575 in 1920), plus rising costs in their manufacture, lack of finance, and the increased competition from the likes of Morris, resulted in the Angus-Sanderson having a brief existence, with few being made. The company switched to the production of a smaller, 8hp, motor-car in 1923, but that found few buyers also. The introduction of the Austin 7 put paid to any long-term plans for a smaller Angus-Sanderson. Despite attempts at resurrecting the marque, 1927 would see the firm close its doors for good.
Thanks to Kevin for allowing me to share his family photo here.

Angusan Repair Works.

This isn't the first Angus-Sanderson piece to feature on the site, as some years back I received a fascinating little photo of the Angusan Repair Works. This was featured in the mystery cars section of the site (photo #12), and is reproduced below. A number of Angus-Sandersons are seen under repair. The car to the right of shot has met with a solid object, judging by the condition of the offside front wing and headlamp. All of the cars featured on the this page have the distinctive fuel filler cap on the scuttle, offset to the nearside.
Angusan Repair Works
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