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See Homepage. This page: Black and white photos of a pre-war Armstrong Siddeley Seventeen automobile at rest.
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Armstrong Siddeley 17.

A small collection of Armstrong Siddeley photos turned up recently, of them the two shown below were the best. Identifying the exact model could have been a problem, had it not been for the tiny cover over the starting handle aperture, proclaiming the number "17", for 17hp. Initially I'd assumed that it was a 12hp or 14hp car, but the small chrome cover confirmed the car as being an Armstrong Siddeley 17 of 1936, if the date of its Birmingham registration BVP 335 is anything to go by.
The first picture shows the car at the side of an un-made gravel road. The luggage neatly covered and tied to the roof rack suggests that the family might have been going on their holidays. An array of motoring organisation badges can be seen attached to the front bumper, including one for the Company of Veteran Motorists (CVM). Stickers in the front and rear screens also proclaim membership of the CVM, and of Rotary International. This car also has the smallest rear view interior mirror I've seen in a long time! A radio antenna can be seen ahead of the driver's door.
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Armstrong Siddeley 17
Photograph number two shows the same Armstrong Siddeley, again with a loaded roof rack. The luggage though is laid out differently, and while the car again has a bow tied to the radiator grille, the knot is different. A closer look still reveals that in this shot, the background to the RAC badge, which is normally blue, has been re-painted in a much lighter colour, and I think the AA badge has also seen some alteration to its colour scheme. The CVM badge is also straighter at the time of this photo, compared to the one above. The lady to the right of the Armstrong Siddeley is wearing the same jacket in both photos though, and the orientation of the nearside headlamp centre strip is slightly "out" in both shots.
Armstrong Siddeley 17hp motor-car
The 17hp model was launched in 1934, and was available in a variety of closed and open-top bodystyles, most of which were built in-house. The engine was a straight-six OHV design, of 2,338cc. Drive was via a Wilson pre-selector gearbox, and Newton automatic (centrifugal) clutch arrangement (I had a 1950s Standard with the Newton/Standrive arrangement and it was a very useful option).
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