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See Homepage. This page: Alan Evans' Austin Seven EB65 / Nippy photo'd while competing on a pre-war Monte Carlo rally.
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1. Austin 7 EB 65 / Nippy.

Alan Ross kindly sent this old photo over, hoping that the car in it could be identified. Well, it's definitely an Austin 7 of the early 1930s, either a type EB 65, or else the very similar Nippy. The Austin 7 EB 65 of 1933 replaced the sporting EA Sports (Ulster), but was more of a sporty road car, rather than a competition car also suitable for the road. It did still feature aluminium coachwork and the lowered front axle of the EA Sports, but also had such luxuries as an opening boot (for accessing the tools and spare wheel), and a luggage area accessible by tipping the seats forward. Just 275 examples of the EB 65 were built.
The replacement was the almost identical-looking AEB Nippy, although the bodywork was now in steel rather than aluminium, the extra weight denting the performance somewhat. Despite this, the Austin 7 Nippy sold quite well - certainly better than either the EA Sports/Ulster or the EB 65 - and approximately 800 were sold before the plug was pulled in 1937.

Austin Nippy on the Monte Carlo Rally?

1937 Austin Nippy
Alan tells me that the Austin 7 shown above belonged to Alan Evans, a driver that competed in a number of Monte Carlo rallies. Was this photo taken on the Monte? The occupants of the car certainly look very well wrapped up, and there looks to be a rally plaque - quite possibly a Monte Carlo Rally plaque - fitted to the car, just behind the hood. The chap to the left, in the bowler hat, looks like a scrutineer doing his rounds.

More information on the Nippy shown above.

Stuart from the Devon Austin Seven Club dropped me a line, having now identified the car and the event that it was taking part in. He's established that the Nippy is shown taking part in the 1935 Monty Carlo rally, entry number 43, for the car crewed by W.Harney and F.A.Evans. It finished the event, in 74th place. Start points depended largely on where the crews themselves were based, in the Austin's case it started from John O' Groats and was entered in the Small Car class. Thanks for the update Stuart.

2. 1935 Austin Nippy.

Thanks to Nigel, for this snapshot of the Nippy he owned in the early 1960s (the photo dates to 1964). Evidently the car is receiving some under-bonnet attention to its 747cc engine, the location is Blackheath in London. Nigel adds:
"Note the tap acting as a radiator ornament. In a traffic jam, one would jump out of the car with teapot in hand, appear to fill it from the functioning tap (which would emit steam), and jump back in to ostensibly have a cup of tea while waiting for the traffic to move on. It is what we used to do in those days."
1937 Austin Nippy

More Austin 7s on the site.

Austin 7s in various guises appear across the site - the Ulster/Chummy special I had a while back was an interesting machine - and quite a few photos of Austins appear elsewhere in the vintage gallery, for example this selection of Austin 7 saloons, and a rare photo of an Austin 7 Twin Cam at Crystal Palace. Also very unusual is the Australian-bodied Ace sports.
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