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See Homepage. This page: A rare Austin six-light 12hp Cabriolet of the late 1930s, seen in Wales.
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Austin 12/4 Cabriolet.

An old family photo now of a rare Austin 12/4 New Ascot Cabriolet of late 1938, or early 1939. The AUX (Salop) registration series was introduced in December 1938, making this a late example of a pre-war Austin 12/4, with the roll-back centre roof section that retained the 12/4 Ascot's six-light, four-door configuration, while offering a measure of open-top motoring.
I'm not entirely sure which family member owned the 12/4, or when, but bar a few wobbles on the front wing it looks in good overall condition. Note the "Austin of England" script on the bonnet, something more often seen on post-war Austin Devons, Hampshires, Somersets and the like, which makes me think this image - taken in Newtown (Powys) - dates to the late 1940s or very early 1950s.
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Austin 12/4 Ascot Cabriolet
The Austin Light 12/4 was introduced, in chrome-rad form, in 1933. The 12/4 Ascot saloon joined the range in 1934, with the 12/4 Harley saloon being dropped altogether in 1935, the year that the painted radiator cowl was introduced. Wire wheels were replaced by pressed-steel wheels in 1937, the year that a number of substantial updates were incorporated into the design, including the re-positioning of the 1,535cc sidevalve engine further forward in the chassis, to increase passenger space. The bodywork was revised somewhat in a bid to modernise the range, and in 1938 a new four-door Cabriolet (shown above) was introduced to the line-up, replacing the outgoing tourer model.
Production continued for year or so until the outbreak of war, making the Cabriolet variant a particularly rare car. Hunting around online brings up few references to, or images of, this version.
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